Sunday, November 29, 2009


Have you ever watched water flow under a bridge? Standing on top of the bridge or on the shore just watching it flow by. . . Think about this with me for a little bit. All the water kind of looks the same after a while. We all know that it isn’t the same water because what we saw 5 seconds ago is now downstream. I tend to look at it more globally, all the water collectively.

However, every so often, a huge log or some other sort of debris comes flowing down the river. That debris makes it obvious that THIS patch of water is different. The debris gave the water some purpose. The water stands out. It helped lighten the load of the debris and helped it get from one spot to another. So, in this aspect the water is grateful to be able to help.

The problem with debris is that it tends to collect itself. One log snags onto another, now there are two. One random life jacket catches a twig. Sooner or later, there is so much debris in the way, that the water can no longer flow to it’s greatest capacity, or any capacity. The water has lost the ability to get down stream to bless the people/fish/life down there.

Somehow, someone, something must come in and remove the debris in order for the water to flow in the manner that God designed it to flow.

Hummm. . .you know, as the debris is lifted out of the water, some of the water is still on the debris. The water may be able to flow to a greater capacity, but it is still altered forever. It will never have ALL of itself because some of it was stripped away. So, God gets to restore those empty places. To fill in the gaps where part of the water is missing.

The beauty of God’s restoration is that He doesn’t restore to the original quality. He restores it better than it was. IF we allow it.

Have a blessed day!

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