Friday, November 27, 2009

The Story of Jami

Well, after I put the teaser up there about my 4th child, I figured I should probably give up the story. At least as I see it. . .

The Story of Jami

Long, long ago, in a far away land, there once was a scared, insecure, not quite sure which way was up young princess. As this young princess was stumbling, falling, and muddling her way though a handsome prince came along and swept her off of her feet. He offered companionship, direction, security, stability, and a 5 year old (Young, Fair Jami).

The three of them went along for a while. When life was good it was really good, when it wasn’t it wasn’t. Lots of ups and downs and roller coaster rides later, (I guess if this is a fairy tale it would be Jousting Competitions, oops.) the time came for our young princess to bid fairwell to the prince.

The princess didn’t know how to say goodbye to the prince but not Fair Jami, so she said goodbye to them both. Those of us that know the young princess, she has a hard time letting things go, so she looked back a time or two. . .along came Miss Alexis.

Time went on, our young princess grew into a beautiful queen of a new kingdom. The prince released Miss Alexis to the care of the king and queen of the new kingdom. Our queen had told Fair Jami that when she was 18 she could call upon Miss Alexis, but until that time she had to obey her parents. Our queen often wondered and prayed for our Fair Jami. Always wondering how she was doing and who she was growing up to become.

Thanks to Facebook, our Fair Jami found the queen and Miss Alexis again. Fair Jami is now becoming a queen of her own kingdom. Our queen gets the opportunity to love, listen, and participate in our Fair Jami’s life today. Fair Jami gets to be the big sister to Miss Alexis and Miss Amanda and Miss Ashley (our queen expanded her kingdom throughout the years). This is a gift that no one could ever have foretold to the queen. The queen is ever so grateful to God for the gifts that He has given!

And they all lived happily ever after. . . at least so far! (hee hee)

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