Friday, December 11, 2009

Brokenness and Menu Choices

On the way to work, I was on the phone. (Yes, I’m one of those that talk on the phone all the way to work. Everyday! I know, I know. . . one more thing to pray for me about.) Anyway, back to the original topic, me on the phone. Well, my friend was talking about how he always orders the same thing every time he goes out to eat, that he’s leery of trying anything new. I casually mention how I’ve been broke (financially) for so long that when I do go out to eat I tend to order a “sure thing”. You know, something that you know you like because it cost quite a bit of money and you don’t know when you’ll be able to afford to go out again so you don’t want to try anything new because you’d hate to waste the money on food you don’t know if you will like.

Then, it was like the heavens parted and I saw things completely differently. What if we do that in other areas of our life? Not just going out to eat, but movie choices, clothing choices, friendship choices, job choices, you know everything?? How many times have I held back or settled because I was scared that the resources would not replenish? I’m not talking about being irresponsible and throwing away money to fill some random hole. (That’s a whole blog entry in itself.) I’m talking about how often and how many areas have I settled for familiar when there are so many other choices? I may not even like the choices. Some, I may never have a desire to try, but what about the rest?

I found out that I like sushi . . . who knew?? I never would have tried it without my sister saying we’d split it. If I didn’t like it, I could order something off the “normal” menu. Options . . . wow! I could have do-overs.

What are some of the other options on the menu that I’ve never even considered because of my brokenness?? What has my past brokenness kept me from pursuing? Are there “sure thing” situations that are hindering my pursuit of whatever? Today, I’m not as broken as I once was. Today, there is some restoration. Today, I trust that the resources will replenish. Today, I’d like to try something new from the menu.

Maybe, I’ll hate it, maybe I’ll love it. Who knows, in the end, I may find out that the “sure thing” is my favorite . . . but doesn’t my favorite want to actually be the favorite, not just the only one I tried?

Well, I need to get ready for dance class . . . my second taste from the menu (since timing made Sushi first).

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